Frequently Asked Questions

How much coffee do we hold in stock?

Bean Revolution hold an increasing amount of green bean coffee in stock so that we can supply coffee as required. Our roasted coffee is roasted to order.

How long will your order take to be delivered?

This will depend on your location. Retail orders have a 3 day handling time to ensure that we can roast to order, if roasted then the additional Australia Post travel time which can be 3 - 6 business days. If ordering in larger amounts at a wholesale level it will take 2 days handling time and then standard freight after that.

What types/origins of coffee do Bean Revolution provide?

We have coffees from across South East Asia, South and Central America and Africa. We provide these single origins in retail and wholesale amounts, green bean and roasted coffee. We also have a number of our own blends for purchase. The single origin coffee's are seasonal depending on harvest times but we make an effort to stock the freshest green bean coffees possible at all times.

Which locations do we provide coffee to?

Bean Revolution is strategically placed in Adelaide so has ease of access to customers Australia wide.

What is the minimum order quantity?

We have a variety of coffees and the minimum order will depend on if roasted or green bean. As roasted we sell in 250g bags and can sell greenbean coffee in 1kg bags. You can order 1 bag at a time but the more you order the more you save.

What are the payment options?

Our preferred method of payment is direct bank transfer for wholesale orders or paypal for retail orders.

What quality control procedures does Bean Revolution follow?

We are focused on quality and ensure all of our suppliers undergo rigorous quality checks as well as the coffee we import prior to entering the Australia. Australian customs has very stringent importing guidelines and we supply either specialty coffee's which score above the SCAA 80 and above primarily but can also provide high level commercial coffee's for the use in blends for roasters who want something more cost effective.

Bean Revolution Terms & Conditions?

Any products purchased from Bean Revolution are subject to our terms of business. Any wholesale quantities purchased will be subject to our trading terms and must be agreed to before the order will proceed. To get a copy of these please contact