Bean Revolution is a Specialty Coffee Roastery located in Adelaide, South Australia. We provide our own wholesale specialty coffee to cafe's, office's, restaurant's, some gourmet supermarkets and a growing number of coffee enthusiasts. Our coffee blends are all catered for different tasting profiles and we have a large variety of single origin and seasonal single estate coffee varietals in stock at any given time. We do custom blending for cafe's and provide a large range of machinery, promotional materials, barista tools and cafe comsumable products. 

We also trade in green bean coffee and operate a Mobile Coffee Cart for events and corporate launches. Our motto is about covering the whole process from coffee plantation to cup as we are passionate about each and every stage of the process. We have an importing arm which is engaged with sourcing quality green been coffee's and we provide these coffee's to our wholesale and retail customers.

Bean Revolution provides specialst consulting and training services. Our first class coffee barista's can train commercial businesses or individuals. We can also provide select recruitment services to cafe's and restaurants who are seeking quality staff from within our network who have been assessed by our team.

To learn how we can assist your business check out our "Wholesale" page and if you would like to purchase wholesale from us you can make contact through filling out our "Contact Us" page on the website. 


Our main goals are:

  • To develop our business and capabilities continuously so that we can assist you in growing yours.
  • To revolutionise the coffee industry in order to be a ‘one stop shop’ for coffee professionals and new enthusiasts and in doing so encourage more people to take part in the speciality coffee revolution wave building momentum as consumers seek out quality coffee beans from around the world.
  • To learn about the people behind the businesses we supply and their desires so we can custom a solution that will make their life easier and more successful together.
  • To revolutionise the coffee industry in Australia by offering a variety of quality coffees at competitive prices with a focus on customer service and reliability and wholistic consultation.
The Bean Revolution team are passionate about seeking out the best quality coffee from numerous regions around the world and working with and giving back to the communities which our coffee originates. We believe in a sustainable future for coffee and want to support the farmers in communities so that they can improve the quality of their coffee and their families lifestyles as a result.